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Woodworking Diamond Tool

HANS offers an entire product range for the woodworking industry, offer products that can grind both soft & resinous woods, including pine, fir, ash, walnut, veneer & plywood at an attractive price / performance ratio.

Whatever the machine type is, we are in a position to optimise the sanding process. In addition to abrasives dedicated to sophisticated machines, we also offer a very effective range of easy to use tools, like sponges or sanding block for manual operations. Furthermore, a huge variety of product shapes are available to fit with any particular application that requires specific abrasive types. Typical sectors: carpentry, furniture manufacturer, parquetry (manufacturer and renovation), boat and marine. 
We also offer a comprehensive range of coated abrasives for sanding panels. We offer a range of products that can be used throughout the entire process from dimensioning through to finishing of the raw boards under operation. 

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