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Wafering Market Diamond Tool

The applications for HANS Diamond Precision endless/loop Wire Saws are virtually unlimited.produce a non-destructive, non-deforming cut or slice.  This holds true for both homogeneous materials and for bonded materials of vastly different com-positional properties. Metals, plastics, quartz, glass, graphite and ceramics are just some of the many natural and synthetic materials that can be successfully cut in Research and Development, Quality Control, Failure Analysis and Production.  

The precision cut and resulting smooth finish often eliminates or greatly reduces polishing time for parts that previously required such attention. In addition to the industrial applications HANS Wire Saws are used in applications within geology, archaeology, and paleontology; criminology and forensics; biology, pathology, histology, anatomy, and dentistry. We also can supply the wire saw suit for the MTI,WELL and others Brand machine.


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