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Precision Metal Diamond Tool

We offer a wide range of both organic & vitrified bonded abrasive products for grinding & super finishing all elements encountered in the bearing industry, including balls, internal & external rings & rollers. The elements are machined to the required micro geometry, to allow them to work at minimal friction for the longest possible time.
We offer a range of cognitional grinding wheels & vitrified CBN grinding wheels for external diameter, internal diameter & face grinding operations. In addition, we have a large range of dressing tools for all dressing applications. The range includes stationary dressing tools, over CNC rotary dressers & profile roller dressers.
Here at HANS we also manufacture a range of hard machining inserts using various PCBN grades. PCBN tools can give better surface finishes along with improved tolerances, less down time, lower cutting forces & lower cost per part compared to conventional grinding.
Tool rooms are found in almost all manufacturing plants although they may be called by other names, such as storeroom, machine shop, or repair shop. However, the work done is virtually the same: the maintenance and repair of the cutting tools used in the manufacturing operation. 
We have a range of highly effective solutions suitable for all types of tool room cutting and sharpening operations.


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