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Sapphire Cut with Diamond Loop Wire Saw

When cutting sapphire, a fine diamond wire is commonly used to move back and forth at a slow speed. However, using a loop diamond wire with a larger diameter and length can significantly reduce cutting time. Our Diamond Coated Wire Loop with a diameter of 0.7mm and a length of 4000mm can cut a 2-3 inch sapphire in just 30 minutes with a speed of 20m/s.
To use the Diamond Coated Wire Loop, follow these steps:
1. Mount the sapphire onto a cutting machine and secure it in place.
2. Attach the Diamond Coated Wire Loop to the cutting machine.
3. Adjust the machine settings to the recommended speed and tension for the wire loop.
4. Begin cutting the sapphire with the wire loop, moving it back and forth across the surface.
5. Monitor the cutting process to ensure the desired thickness and surface finish is achieved.
With this method, the surface finish achieved is between 0.473-0.7μm. Our team offers complete technical and long-term support to our customers, including personalized recommendations for their specific needs. Contact us for more information on our Diamond Coated Wire Loop and how it can improve your sapphire cutting process.

Sapphire Cut with Diamond Loop Wire Saw
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