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Marble Cut with Diamond Loop Wire Saw
Marble is a beautiful and elegant natural stone that is often used in construction and interior design. However, achieving the perfect surface finish can be a challenge. That's where the Diamond Loop Wire Saw comes in.
This innovative tool is designed to cut marble with precision and ease. The cutting speed, feed speed, and tensile strength of the Endless Diamond Wires Saw all play a role in determining the surface finish of the marble. With a wire diameter of 0.75mm, this saw is ideal for cutting through marble with ease.
The Diamond Loop Wire Saw is specifically designed for cutting marble workpieces with a specification of 120mm*120mm*400mm. With a cutting speed of 30m/s and a feed speed of 15mm/min, this saw can quickly and efficiently cut through even the toughest marble.
In addition, the Diamond Loop Wire Saw has a tensile strength of 150N, which ensures that it can withstand the rigors of cutting through marble without breaking or snapping. The cutting effect of this saw is also impressive, with the Ra (roughness average) being up to 0.7μm.
Overall, the Diamond Loop Wire Saw is an essential tool for anyone working with marble. Its precision cutting capabilities, high tensile strength, and impressive cutting effect make it the perfect choice for achieving the perfect surface finish on marble.
3.0mm Diameter Diamond Wire Saw Loop for Marble Granite Slab Cutting
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