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Other Industry Diamond Tool

The markets we've touched upon here barely scratch the surface processed . While we have been professional in these areas, there is no limit to the solutions we can provide in any market.
Automobile manufacturers and automotive suppliers drums, saw blades and grinding wheels. are specially crafted for slotting, shaping, sizing and finishing I.D., O.D.,flat grinding of friction materials including brake shoes, clutch faces, disc brake pads and automobile glass.
Glass fabricators and producers utilize  core drills for exceptional speed and efficiency. Custom orders are welcome, and many standard sizes are in stock, with or without the pilot. Additionally, HANS excels in the manufacturing of standard or custom form wheels for glass with short lead times.
Optical laboratories rely on HANS to better process lens blanks. Our technology ensures that our optical edging wheels cut aggressively and have a longer lifetime. Plus, has performance optimized the widest range of optical products, allowing labs to specify the exact results they desire.
The tool and die industry prefers our diamond and CBN electroplated, metal or resin bond grinding wheels 

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