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Introducing the Precision Diamond Wire Loop, a top-of-the-line cutting tool that is coated with diamond crystals for ultimate flexibility and strength. Our Diamond Wire Saw is designed with a one-way movement, allowing for smooth and efficient cutting. The diamond crystals are set onto the steel surface, enabling the wire to move in one direction at a speed of 30-60 m/s. This unique design provides users with numerous advantages, making it an essential tool for any cutting project.
At HANS, we take pride in our flexible CBN and Diamond Wire, which boasts high tensile strength and strong grain bonding. Our Diamond Loop Wire Saw is made with the highest quality diamond grain, ensuring durability and precision in every cut. Whether you're cutting through tough materials or working on delicate projects, our Precision Diamond Wire Loop will exceed your expectations. Invest in the best and experience the difference with HANS.


Specification :

Our diamond wire loop is designed for high efficiency cutting with a speed range of 30 to 60 m/s. It has a diameter range of 0.65-3.0 mm and a length range of 800-100000 mm. It is compatible with popular machines in the current market and can be used in wet or dry environments. The cutting direction can be changed according to the customer's requirements, and it is also suitable for cutting curved surfaces.
Our diamond wire is easy to operate and replace, making it a convenient tool for cutting hard surfaces such as rubber machines, tire section cutting machines, artificial crystals (sapphire, silicon), special ceramics, precious metals, graphite, plastics, and brittle materials. It is also widely used in research fields such as geology, archaeology, architecture, and biology.
In addition to the diamond wire, we also supply the diamond loop wire saw for tire section cutting machines. Compared to other diamond cutting tools, the loop diamond wire is a flexible tool that can be used for straight line cutting as well as curved surface cutting. It is not limited by the shape of the object's surface and can be used for large area cutting with simple workplace requirements. The use of diamond wire saws can improve resource utilization and reduce environmental pollution.
As the market demand for diamond wires continues to grow, our company is committed to providing excellent service and support to our clients. We offer professional services and consulting tailored to your business needs, ensuring immediate and long-term support for all your requirements. Choose Hans Service and Support for the edge in your cutting solutions.

1)Not only can be used for straight line cutting, but also curved surface cutting; 

2)Not subject to the shape of the surface of the object; 

3)The workplace requires simply, but large area cutting can be carried on; 

4)The use of diamond wire saw can improve resource utilization and reduce environmental pollution. Due to the above advantages, the market shares of diamond wires are getting bigger and bigger, and the scope of application is getting wider and wider.As many of our clients can testify, Hans Service and Support gives us the edge in our solutions.Whatever your requirements, We will be there for your immediate and long term needs.Professional Services & Consulting Tailored to Your Business.

Diamond Coated Wire Loop
Precision ​Diamond Wire Loop Diamond Coated Cutting Wire Diamond Wire Saw
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