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Crafted for precision and efficiency, Tebon's Silent Core Granite Blade offers exceptional cutting performance with minimal noise. Utilizing advanced silent core technology, these blades reduce noise levels by up to 50%, providing a quieter working environment without compromising on cutting speed or quality.

Silent Core Granite Blade - Superior Performance with Reduced Noise

The silent core granite blades are at the forefront of stone cutting technology, ensuring consistent and maximum performance. Designed with a superior silent core, these stone cutting blades reduce noise levels by up to 50% while maintaining the capability to withstand the stress of high horsepower (HP) saws.

The segments of these silent core granite blades are crafted with high-grade diamonds to ensure aggressive and fast cutting . Tebon's silent core granite blade features a granite-specific bond with a higher concentration of diamonds compared to general stone blades. The inclusion of smaller diamonds enhances chip-free and clean cuts for precision in stone cutting applications.

Key Features:

  1. Laser Welded Silent Core: Flexible's silent core granite blade is laser welded, offering clean cutting performance while ensuring a quiet operation. The silent core design minimizes noise levels for a more comfortable working environment.

  2. Narrow U Slots and Special Segment Design: The blade is equipped with narrow U slots and a special segment design, providing both smooth cutting and aggressive cutting speed. This combination ensures efficiency and precision in various stone cutting tasks.

  3. Superior Diamond Grade: High-grade diamonds are used in the manufacturing of segments to ensure aggressive and fast cutting . The silent core granite blade is engineered for optimum performance in granite cutting applications.

  4. Granite-Specific Bond: The blade features a granite-specific bond with a higher diamond concentration, making it well-suited for cutting hard granite. This specialized bond enhances the blade's durability and cutting efficiency.


Silent Core Technology for Comfortable Operation:

Flexible's silent core granite blades incorporate advanced technology to deliver superior cutting performance with reduced noise levels. The combination of a silent core design, narrow U slots, special segment design, superior diamond grade, and granite-specific bond makes these blades ideal for granite cutting and various stone fabrication tasks. Experience precision cutting with minimized noise, contributing to a more comfortable working environment.

Technical Parameter

Item No.

Outside Diameter

Segment Dimensions (mm)

Segment Dimensions (mm)








50mm, 60mm





50mm, 60mm





50mm, 60mm





50mm, 60mm





50mm, 60mm





50mm, 60mm

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