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5” (125mm)

5” (125mm)

Engineered for outstanding performance, the Tiger Tuck Diamond Blade sets a new standard in mortar cutting efficiency. Its advanced segment design allows for seamless cutting through various mortar types, achieving swift and precise results on both hard and soft materials. With a robust 12mm segment, this blade delivers exceptional durability and cost-effectiveness, making it the preferred option for contractors seeking high-quality and long-lasting cutting solutions.

Tiger Tuck Diamond Blade: Unleashing Versatility and Speed

The Tiger Tuck Diamond Blade, meticulously designed for versatility and speed in mortar cutting applications. With a thoughtful approach to segment design, this tuck effortlessly handles virtually all mortar types, providing a faster cut on both hard and soft mortars. Crafted with a full 12mm segment , it not only ensures outstanding tool life but also offers a low cost per cut, making it the go-to choice for contractors seeking efficiency and durability.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Mortar Cutting:

    • The Tiger Tuck Diamond Blade is engineered to cut virtually all mortar types, showcasing its exceptional versatility. Whether dealing with hard or soft mortars, this blade delivers a reliable and efficient cutting performance.

  2. Shorter Segment Design:

    • The shorter segment design is a testament to the blade's agility, allowing for swift and precise cuts. This design choice enhances the blade's overall performance, especially in applications that demand quick and accurate results.

  3. Optimized for Speed:

    • Speed is at the forefront of the Tiger Tuck's design philosophy. Contractors can expect a faster cut, saving valuable time on various projects. The blade's efficiency contributes to increased productivity.

  4. 12mm Full Segment:

    • With a full 12mm segment , this tuck blade ensures an extended tool life. Contractors benefit from prolonged usage before needing replacements, translating to cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.

  5. Low Cost Per Cut:

    • The combination of a 12mm full segment and efficient design results in a low cost per cut. This makes the Tiger Tuck an economical choice without compromising on performance or durability.


  • Mortar Cutting

  • Versatile Cutting of Various Mortar Types

  • Ideal for Both Hard and Soft Mortars

Upgrade your mortar cutting experience with the Tiger Tuck Diamond Blade — a tool designed for contractors who prioritize speed, versatility, and cost-effective performance. Experience the power of efficiency with every cut.

Technical Parameter

Item No.

Outside Diameter

Segment Dimensions (mm)

Segment Number





4” (100mm)

6.4 / 9.5




4-1/2” (115mm)

6.4 / 9.5




5” (125mm)

6.4 / 9.5




7” (180mm)

6.4 / 9.5



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