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Non-silent Core Marble Blade

Get ready to experience the ultimate in marble cutting with the Non-Silent Core Marble Blade. This premium blade features a laser-welded design, narrow U slot, and high diamond concentration for unparalleled cutting performance. With a copper-based bond and standard 50/60mm arbor size, this blade is compatible with a wide range of tools and is perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

The Non-Silent Core Marble Blade is meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional performance in marble cutting applications:

Segment Height: With segments reaching up to 10mm in height, this blade ensures efficient cutting through tough marble surfaces.

Blade Type: Designed with a non-silent core configuration, specifically laser-welded for optimal performance in marble cutting tasks.

Segment Design: Its narrow U slot design, combined with a high concentration of diamond, guarantees smooth and precise cuts in even the hardest marble materials.

Arbor Size: Equipped with a standard 50/60mm arbor size, this blade offers compatibility with a wide range of tools, enhancing versatility and usability.

Bond Type: Utilizing a copper-based bond, it facilitates straighter cuts during marble cutting operations, ensuring utmost precision and accuracy.

Construction: Crafted with a laser-welded design, this blade exhibits durability and precision, making it well-suited for demanding marble cutting tasks.

Key Benefits:

Smooth and Clean Cutting: The narrow U slot design and high diamond concentration ensure flawless cuts, particularly in hard marble.

Compatibility: Featuring a standard arbor size, it seamlessly integrates with various tools, providing convenience and adaptability.

Straight Cuts: The copper-based bond enhances cutting precision, enabling straight and accurate cuts in marble surfaces.

Application: Tailored specifically for cutting hard marble, it excels in both professional and DIY applications that demand precision and cleanliness.

Manufacturing Methods: These blades undergo either brazing or laser-welding processes, ensuring consistent quality and reliability.

In summary, the Non-Silent Core Marble Blade is engineered to meet

the exacting standards of professionals and DIY enthusiasts, delivering unparalleled precision and performance in cutting hard marble materials. Its innovative features and meticulous construction make it an indispensable tool for achieving precise and clean cuts in a variety of marble cutting applications.


Technical Parameter

Outside Diameter

Segment Dimensions (mm)

Segment Dimensions (mm)





12” (300mm)



50mm, 60mm


14” (350mm)



50mm, 60mm


16” (400mm)



50mm, 60mm


18” (450mm)



50mm, 60mm

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