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The HNSH75 Horizontal Drilling Machine is a specialized tool designed for horizontal hole drilling and coring tasks. Featuring a 75mm diameter drill bit, this Machine delivers a drilling speed of 2 to 4 meters per hour. Its cost-effective and user-friendly design ensures a stable drilling process, making it an ideal choice for various applications. The HNSH75 horizontal Drilling Machine is a reliable and efficient solution for all your horizontal drilling needs.:

  • Model: HNSH75

  • Max. Drilling Depth: Capable of drilling horizontal holes up to 30 meters deep, providing versatility for various drilling depths.

  • Drilling Diameter: Equipped with a drill bit diameter of 75 millimeters, suitable for creating holes of this size.

  • Drilling Speed: Offers a drilling speed ranging from 2 to 4 meters per hour, ensuring efficient drilling operations.

  • Min. Pressure: Requires a minimum pressure of 0.1 MPa (megapascal) to operate effectively, indicating its low-pressure requirement.

  • Water Consumption: Consumes approximately 3 to 4 cubic meters of water per minute during drilling , contributing to its cooling and lubrication process.

  • Stroke: Features a stroke length of 1 meter, enabling the drill to penetrate the material effectively with each stroke.

  • Feeding Device: Equipped with a manual feeding device, offering ease of operation and control during the drilling process.

  • Rotation Device: Utilizes a motor for rotation, ensuring consistent and reliable drilling performance.

  • Net Weight: Weighs approximately 350 kilograms, making it relatively lightweight and easy to transport.

Overall, the HNSH75 horizontal drilling Machine is an economic, easy-to-operate, and stable drilling solution suitable for horizontal drilling and coring applications.

Technical Parameter



Max. Drilling Depth (m)


Drilling Diameter (mm)


Drilling Speed (m/h)

2 to 4

Min. Pressure (MPa)


Water Consumption (m3/m)

3 to 4

Stroke (m)


Feeding Device


Rotation Device


Net Weight (kg)


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